Cornish Cross and Ranger birds

Pasture-raised, and free range. These chickens will dress between 3-5 pounds. Amazing flavor and texture!

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Broad-Breasted Bronze and White varieties

Pasture-raised and free range

These turkeys have superior flavor and tenderness.

Available for Thanksgiving and Christmas

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Free-Range Eggs

Heritage Breed Chicken, Quail and Duck eggs

All of our hens are free-range and forage on pasture. Eggs are available in household quantities, and wholesale.

We have several different breeds in our flock, which provides a rainbow of colors.

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Our Farm

We raise our chickens, turkeys, ducks and beef cattle as sustainably as possible in the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania. Humane treatment, and quality of life are key factors in our operation. We do not use growth hormones or antibiotics in our feeds, and provide them a natural, GMO-free diet.


Getting our stuff

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